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Friday, March 10, 2023

Chillin' with Chai Cubes

So here's the deal, this detox thing has me looking for flavor options that can be cool and refreshing.

I went to make my dirty chai cold brew latte one morning and started steeping the milk and I thought to myself, "self" and I knew it was me because I was wearing my own underwear and my kids were calling me mom. And I thought, "self" and a kid said mom and I almost forgot what I was doing.... "Self, what if I were to use this spicy milk tea in other things... I wonder how this would taste as an ice cube in my cold brew hmmm" and that kid that wanted mom started screaming bloody murder because I was lost in thought and not fixing their scrambled egg fast enough. I quickly served them and came up with my plan. (Crisis averted)

After my morning brew was ready (it of course was delicious because... well come on) I made another batch of the milk tea and went to work on my experiment. Since this is the base for several of the next few recipes (maybe all) I wanted to share this recipe first! 



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