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Friday, March 10, 2023

Chai Cha Cha Cia Pudding


One of the recipes in our detox is for a chia pudding. Gabe (my hubby and glutton for punishment) and I have learned that we actually enjoy this pudding a little. Our recipe is similar to the one I'm sharing today but I needed to find a way to enhance the flavor a bit without adding any sweeteners. Enter the chai milk tea replacement for the coconut milk only in this recipe.

I should note this recipe calls for the only one of 5 fruits allowed in the plan, lemons, limes, grapefruit, green apple or green tipped banana. I can have as many lemons or limes as I would like BUT I can only have 1 of EITHER the apple, banana or grapefruit so the pudding is a welcome indulgence in this pudding the banana is 1/4 of my allowed fruit per day. 


The first time I made the pudding this way my kids asked me why my owls tea infuser was drowning in the milk....  they were concerned.... The owl was perfectly fine and did a great job!

I topped this pudding with sliced almonds at home and it was perfect!

Let me know if you chai it! 

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