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Friday, March 10, 2023

Chai It


Ever have a something you've been meaning to do take a lot longer than you had planned due to interruptions? You'd think being a mom of 6 I'd be used to this by now but NOOOOO LOL. Equally as frustrating I've been meaning to try different things with Chai. So... I've been playing this week courtesy of Java Momma's Masala Chai Tea (It's my favorite!)

Let me take another step back for a minute. For the last 13 years I've eliminated gluten and dairy from my diet. This past year I figured out I was over-doing it on my sugar intake, so someone went off and introduced me (thank you) to the 21 day sugar detox. 

This detox not only has me eliminate refined sugar but even natural sugars like fruit, honey and maple syrup (which are usually ok for me) as well as sugar substitutes. I will tell you that at times this is HARD but my current secret weapon is chai tea! I love the spiciness! In the next 5 posts I'm going to be sharing my Chai Journey with:

Chai Milk/ Chai Milk Cubes

Oh My Down and Dirty Chai Cold Brew Latte

Chia Chai

Classic Chai Tea

Chai Cream Soda

Let me know if you Chai it! 

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