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Friday, March 10, 2023

Gluten and Dairy free eating... Just add rice PLUS Felix's Orange Chicken Recipe



One of the things I'm passionate about is making gluten and dairy free food easy. I realized 10 years ago that my body would not respond well to certain foods in my diet. I'd have headaches, constant exhaustion, phlegm, bloat and excessive gas. I had quickly read a couple of articles about gluten free eating that had piqued my interest, but I wasn't ready to give anything up without a doctor validating the shift.  I had an appointment that week with my endocrinologist and what to my wondering (I know it's wandering but wondering fits better LOL) appear but an article on the wall in his exam room, talking about how my hyper little thyroid would respond better to a gluten free lifestyle. I asked if he thought the article had merit. He said for him the jury was still out, but it couldn't hurt to try. So, I started eating gluten free the following week (10 years ago) 6 weeks after my appointment my thyroid numbers had gone back into normal range and within 18 weeks, I was off my thyroid medicines. In that time frame I had also noticed issues with my stomach that seemed to react to dairy, I thought well, I already cut gluten. Let’s give it a try. I felt a TON better after 2 weeks of no dairy. The change was HARD! I came to find out that there were hidden ingredients in some of my favorite foods. A lot of the potato chips (even the cleaner brands) have preservatives that are either gluten or dairy triggers. Non-dairy isn't always non-dairy... Sometimes it’s just non-lactose so the triggers for some people are still there. My oldest son, Felix eats gluten free with me. We noticed he seemed to react when he had gluten so I had him start eating gluten free along with me. It became our lifestyle. our favorite Asian foods like the cream cheese rangoons and the orange chicken are still sorely missed and while it's gotten better, eating out is still very limiting and nerve racking so we have had to get creative and learn how to make copy cat things for ourselves. 

Enter Copy-Cat Orange Chicken. Felix (My oldest child) learned how to make this and now he gets asked to make it at least once a month! We usually double this recipe and add our favorite Asian vegetables or honey glazed carrots as a side and serve over rice... always over rice!

oh hey about the Liquid Aminos… The original recipe called for soy sauce, but we use Bragg Liquid aminos to stay safe.  There IS gluten free soy sauce available, but I tend to find the aminos more available. The liquid (or coconut) aminos are a great substitute. 


When you try this, let me know how you like it! 

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