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Friday, March 10, 2023

Shenanigans She Said

 I wanted to be able to blog about my business. 

So let’s start with that. I’m a Java Momma barista. I make some pretty amazing coffee drinks at home and share my recipes with my followers so they can enjoy better brews at home. 

I LOVE the fresh smooth taste of our air roasted coffee . It’s smoother than most brands out there. And I love the variety we have too! 

I fell in love with this company when I was an independent boutique owner. I wanted to add something to my offering that wasn’t fashion related, but was related to my personal style. My friend shared about an amazing opportunity and I jumped. I really joined for the discount and to be able to throw samples in my mystery bags, but I struggled with that business after the birth of child #6. Between homeschooling, health and life in general, that business needed more than I was interested in offering. I was burning the candle at both ends and going NOWHERE. 

Now, both my husband and I are born and raised in Southern California. While I dream of a small town life we struggle with the idea of picking up and moving, but life here is costly! My husband works hard between his full time job as a computer something or other with one of the navy contractors and his part time job as tech guy for our church, he’s spent and the bills just keep coming. I wanted to create something that would bring me fun money and fund my Java habit and I had this Barista gig in the sidelines, so in March 2022 I closed my boutique and made JavaMomma my main jam. I have had a BLAST dreaming up recipes and throwing parties and all the things while sipping the worlds best coffee. I love matching people’s favorite flavors to their new favorite cup of coffee. How can I help you?!?!

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