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Friday, July 7, 2023

Cold Brew Coffee Soda?!?!

I was inspired by my daughter’s Italian Soda bar for her grad party. Sooo when I went to make my coffee this morning I decided it needed to be a soda. I love flavored sodas and have turned it into a tradition to visit the local Rocket Fizz and pick 6 weird sodas to try whenever we are on a road trip or vacation.  The last couple of days have been mild but we are due to start a warming trend because… summer so I wanted to jump on this idea before I was desperate 😎πŸ₯΅

How it started:
Well, cold brew. I made some from the last of one of our bags (Magic the Gathering blend that kept getting forgotten in the back of the coffee cabinet) and have been sipping on it all week. 
Magic the Gathering blend is unflavored but has notes of brown sugar, milk chocolate  and orange… 
I added a little vanilla bean syrup to the brew but, kinda over did it. Since I had already used the last of the cold brew I topped off my cold brew creation with some club soda. 
Creation Components-
☕️ JavaMomma Cold brew- mix and match your favorites for this method πŸ˜‰
🧊 Ice- I don’t feel bad about a full cup of ice at home because I can add more components and stretch my coffee as I sip it down without spending extra.
☕️ Syrup- mix and match your coffee blend with your syrup. 

The method-
1️⃣Start with ice, add your syrup (measure with your soul)
2️⃣Add syrup
3️⃣ Add JavaMomma cold brew (save about 3/4-1” of space for your bubbles) 
4️⃣ Top with club soda

What I love about this!
❤️ this can be made with or without sugar! 
❤️ it’s a nice refreshing version of coffee for our warm summer days.

 Mix and Match flavors
If your using flavored coffee, mix and match your favorite combinations!

Carmel & Chocolate 
Berries and Vanilla
Nutty Coffee and Chocolate or Carmel
What other flavor combos would you pair up?
Feel free to email me your favorite combos I would be happy to help you find the JavaMomma coffees that would fit your tastes!

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